Well known as the Crab Pulsar being at the center of the Crab nebula.

It is a very fast rotating star with a diameter of about 20Km with 30 revolution per second

(33Hz frequency).

It is a very young pulsar (only 963 years) and is a supernova remnant,SN1054, which was visible
for many days in 1054.
The incident was well documented at that time by astronomers.

Several attempts to detect the PSR B0531+21 via the standard folding capabilities of the Presto suite failed,

The reason is ,possibly, the difficulty to detect at my observation frequency (and with my observatory) a very fast but weak pulse only a few tenth of millisecond long
Fortunately the Crab pulsar is also known for generating from time to time giant pulses with an amplitude much greater than average.

Thanks to a different Presto facility (and to Andrea IW5BHY who did the analysis)
I could collect the evidence of a few giant pulses compatible with the dispersion characteristic of crab star.

Pulsar Data

Date of Observation

Friday, ‎July ‎21, ‎2017

Length of Observation

3 Hours

Center Frequency

1288 MHz


10 MHz

Pulsar Flux at 1400MHz

14 mJy


7131 light years

Pulsar Period

529 msec


963 Years

Single Giant Pulse

Presto Analysys

8 giant pulses identified in the compatibility field