Note as good as could be because of RFI but still well visible profile

Pulsar Data

Date of Observation

Thursday, ‎May ‎18, ‎2017

Length of Observation

3 Hours

Center Frequency

1288 MHz


10 MHz

Pulsar Flux at 1400MHz

32 mJy


1141 light years

Pulsar Period

1188 msec


5040000 Years

Pulsar Profile

Presto Output

Presto suite provides also an RFI mitigation capabilities which is able to map and remove from the pulsar data detectable undesired interference.

The result is not always for the better but it worked in this case.

Rthe following is the result on same conservation after applying the RFI masking.

Pulsar new Profile

Presto RFI mitigated Output

The Xe2 output value represents somehow the ratio between the peak of pulsar signal and the peak of the pulsar signal.

By removing the RFI Xe2 changed from the original 27.3 to 51.7