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In Earth->Moon->Earth (EME) communication the signal echoed back are so weak that only very efficient and simple modulation techniques can be used. The traditional and classical system used by radio amateurs is telegraphy (CW) where the basic information encoding allows detecting and decoding very weak echoes.

With the use of computers a new digital system where all the encoding and decoding of information is done by software has recently became popular in the EME community.

Phone transmissions are also used but they requires higher signal levels and therefore are only possible with extremely good conditions and between well equipped stations.

The following are examples of signals echoed by the moon and collected by my former antenna system (8 * 39el). The antenna had unfortunately a short life because destroyed during a snow storm in Feb/2005. All of the recording are in CW (telegraphy).

DL9KR 13th/Nov/2005 (266 kb)

HB9Q 11th/Nov/2005 (429 kb)

OH2PO 12th/Nov/2005 (696 kb)

SV1BTR 22nd/Oct/2005 (2176 kb)

My Own Echo 7th/Dec/2005 (774 kb)

Echoes recorded with the 16 x 26 array

The following are instead signals covering the possible communication modes, all of the examples must be considered as exceptionally strong signals. Usually what we receive back from the moon is much weaker.


My own CW echo 11th/Nov/2008 (636 kb)

 DL9KR Monster Signal (Fragment from a QSO 4th/May/2008 (815 kb)

 QSO with JA6AHB as received in Japan 28th/Oct/2007 (258 kb)

 JA6AHB calling OK1TEH 13th/Apr/2008 (2118 kb)

 In QSO with IK6EIW (recorded by IK6EIW)7th/Feb/2009(1330 kb)

 Calling CQ (recorded by SM4IVE) 27th/Dec/2009(267 kb)

 Arecibo Observatory 22nd/Mar/2010 (230 kb)


Attempt of a Phone Own Echo 10th/Nov/2008 (554 kb)

 First SSB QSO with HB9Q 19th/Dec/2007 (3101 kb)

 In QSO with K2UYH (recorded by SM4IVE) 27th/Dec/2009 (1939 kb)

 Arecibo Observatory 22nd/Mar/2010 (1969 kb)

The Sound Of digital (WSJT)

DL7APV sending "O" to GM4CXM 10th/Jan/2009 (817 kb)

Video Clips

 OE5JFL signal (vertical scale 10dbxdiv) 15/Nov/2008 (382 kb)

 Snap shop of my own echo (vertical scale 10dbxdiv) 16/Nov/2008 (557 kb)