Audio Files

In Earth->Moon->Earth (EME) communication the signal echoed back are so weak that only very efficient and simple modulation techniques can be used. The traditional and classical system used by radio amateurs is telegraphy (CW) where the basic information encoding allows detecting and decoding very weak echoes.

With the use of computers a new digital system where all the encoding and decoding of information is done by software has recently became popular in the EME community.

Phone transmissions are also used but they requires higher signal levels and therefore are only possible between well equipped stations.


My own CW echo 27th/Sep/2011 with only 8w at feed(247 kb)

My own CW echo 29th/Sep/2011 with 100w at feed(281 kb)

ON0EME beacon 1296.000 15th/Apr/2012(439 kb)


Phone Own Echo 21st/Oct/2011 with 100w (404 kb)

Phone Own Echo 13th/Sep/2012 with 500w (404 kb)

Chatting with I5MPK 22nd/Jan/2012 with 200w (5345 kb)

RA3AUB calling 28th/Jan/2012 (245 kb)

G4CCH in QSO with SM7FWZ 28th/Jan/2012 (3377 kb)

SK6OSO Event 25m dish 400w 13th/July/2013 (297 kb)

In QSO with GW3XYW 4th/Aug/2013 (4600 kb)

Video Clips

 CW QSO with ON5GS(recorded by ON5GS, 3m dish) 2nd/July/2014

 Dubus contest (ON7UN qso) 26th/May/2012

 I1NDP-PA8A 23cm ssb recorded by SP7DCS 27th/December/2014

 Video recorded at K6JEY ( N6EV operator, ARRL contest 2014)

 SSB QSO with PA8A,27th/Dec/2014 (Video recorded by SP7DCS)

 F6ETI/P in QSO with I1NDP with his portable setup,23th/Oct/2016