I1NDP end of the game?

Strong Winds

The 70cm array was forced to an out of service condition by 5 days of continuous strong wind striking in many areas of Europe at the same time.
The 31st of March/2015 the mechanical assembly supporting the array broke down

Difficult to aim at the moon


At the moment (5th Apr 2015) i am dismantling the whole array so not yet a precise idea. The antennas did not suffer much except for some bending on the elements and a broken dipole, also the multiple H structure still in good shape.
I am trying to save also the feed lines with difficulties because of rusty joints.
For sure the whole elevation system has to be redesigned and built from scratch. The cabling / wiring are all damaged, i have lost the LNA because of tension on the wires and i am afraid the same happened to the elevation accelerometer sensor.

Future ?

Not sure if worth to spend time and energies to rebuild a 70cm array, band is in bad conditions at my place (noise wise) and not much activity.

July 2015 , QRV 70cm again

Finally I could not give up on 70cm, the array was rebuild and therefore again ready for the challenges with noise and QRM.

The performance seem to be aligned with the previous even though the alignment of the antennas are a bit worse than before due to some strain suffered by the structure during the crash.

On both the sun noise reading is around 17db difficult to achieve because of environmental noise getting worse every day. The sun noise measurement requires a tough search of a clear sky spot. .