EME 432



LNA : 0.4 db NF  (Khune)

Transverter: TR 432 H by Khune (20w)

Transceiver Elecraft K3 + P3

PA driver: TV Mosfet pallet (SD56120) in the same cabinet as the PA

PA: TH293 2 Kw

PA: GS35B as back up 1.2 Kw

SDR receiver to monitor the band activity (connected in parallel on the 28Mhz IF): The little giant Perseus

Station Setup

Same setting for 70cm & 23cm, some manual switching required to change band

PA driver

Capable of delivering about 230W with 15db gain, used to drive the PA with max 160W

TH293 PA

Thanks to HB9SV that gave me his old 432Mhz cavity together with the tube & grid supply unit i could assembly in a 19" rack my luxury PA wich is able to deliver much more than the declared power. I cannot drive it too much because the home made anode power supply is delivering no more than 4.2kv (instead of 5kv, much more suitable for the tube). In such condition i am using the PA with max 2.5kw out in CW mode and about 1kw in digital so running rather cool and safe>