This is a site dedicated to my amateur radio activity. 

My Name is Nando Pellegrini, i was born in 1949, I live in northern Italy not far from French and Swiss borders and close to the mountains in a small village called "Magnano".

I have got my license call sign in 1969, since then i have always been active with few and short forced QRX for different life events.

In the early years i was mainly in VHF (home made AM crystal controlled operation) and then HF also starting with HM AM transmitter + surplus receivers and wire antennas.

With the evolution of technology i spent my OM time in the HF spectrum in SSB for several years and then switching to mostly CW operations finding much more satisfaction and ham spirit in the CW portion of each band.

Lately I could finally dedicate part of my time for a project which was laying in a drawer without a real chance of making it a reality, try some EME experience.

I have choosen initially the 432Mhz band as target because was the easiest entry point for to the new experience (mainly smallest investment in antennas for a trial), i discovered in a second step it was not really so but at that point i was already captured.
At a later stage i then decided to improve my EME capabilities by adding the 23cm.

In other pages of the site you may find details of  my place and activities.

At the radio

When the radio is off

Any email request for an EME QSO on Sked will be welcome.

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